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Predictwhat will work.

CrowdSmart AI amplifies human intelligence and alignment across an organization. With CrowdSmart, any business leader can quickly and easily gain refined, actionable insights to address critical business challenges and opportunities.

Collective Intelligence for Business

The Power of theCrowd

CrowdSmart technology is the first to unify the knowledge and ideas of internal and external stakeholders into AI-assisted, unparalleled intelligence. 

Instant Insight

Leaders and teams can quickly engage and scale across your ecosystem to discover and distill key insights and intelligence.

VirtualWorkshopsat Scale

CrowdSmart’s AI scales and engages participants as they share their opinions anonymously, free from bias while learning from others in an interactive exchange of ideas.

Ease of Use

CrowdSmart generates predictive data that is easy for managers to understand, and our customer setups are so simple they can be up and running within hours.

Any business leader can engage people across their ecosystem

  • Create guided virtual workshops on key business issues
  • Conversations are facilitated by AI that learns from human reasoning
  • CrowdSmart AI helps the group self-refine their feedback into a clear signal
  • CrowdSmart is quick, cost-effective and scales easily with no user training
  • Increases insight, engagement and impact in one process

CrowdSmart is an evolution beyond existing solutions

Video Calls
Social Media
Bias Free
Equal Participation
Elicits New Ideas
Scales from 10s to 1000s
Ability to be Recognized
Conclusive & Predictive

EnergizeYour Team

Gain insight from your team

CrowdSmart ensures that all voices are heard, not just the loudest, and that the most promising ideas are promoted by leadership and peers alike. Leaders benefit from surfacing unique ideas from EVERYONE to identify employees with strong expertise.

Attract & retain the best talent

CrowdSmart supports work environments that are increasingly remote, geographically diverse, and supported by contractors and gig workers, creating a work environment that retains an engaged workforce, and attracts new talent.

Humans +CrowdSmart AI

CrowdSmart’s AI Engine facilitates, cultivates, and refines throughout each session

CrowdSmart's 4 Step Process to a Clear Signal

1. Invite anyone to your CrowdSmart workshop

For groups of 15 - 15K or more, invite anyone who can bring insights from a variety of perspectives. The more, the better. The AI learns from and scores the diversity of thought in the group.

2. Focus the group on a topic

A business leader forms a question with 5 conversation starters. The AI guides the discussion, encourages the generation of new ideas and drives the exchange of views to a conclusive outcome.

3. Watch the AI in action

The AI “listens” to everyone equally, uplifts outlier ideas, learns areas of alignment, identifies key themes and risks, and records every interaction to enable recognition for their contributions.

4. Harvest results

CrowdSmart automatically refines the data into easily understood results. You get quick insight into leading ideas & visualized alignment that results in a computational model with stunning insights.

How will you useCrowdSmart?


Increase the value of your community by creating new learning opportunities. Publish reports, create new indices & op-ed pieces with refined insights from CrowdSmart.

Performance Optimization

Free the workforce to apply its innovation to create value, increasing operational speed and efficiency, and meet customer expectations at scale.


Create new investment data using the wisdom of the crowd with CrowdSmart’s patented AI. Gain access to stunning new insights to support your investment decision process.


Understand your customers with more depth of understanding to reveal what they need to build better products. Capture a whole new level of refined first-person voices with CrowdSmart.


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Executive Corner

White Paper: Finding Common Ground

Tom Kehler explores a new type of social collaboration based on collective intelligence and AI.

White Paper: Human-Empowered Artificial Intelligence: AI 3.0

Building the collective mind of humans and machines is the future of AI

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