Less talk.More traction.

Harness ideas, knowledge, and strategies to supercharge organizational alignment and action.

CrowdSmart’s AI-powered platform takes the complexity and friction out of the collaboration process, so people can think creatively, align strategically and work together to get things done.

Our web-based application is easy to use, securely accessible by any team member and a groundbreaking way to work:

Efficient and insightful decision-making

CrowdSmart distills the volume of discussions and information flowing within your organization to identify the topics and themes that matter most. It iterates based on team feedback to surface the best solutions with the most agreement.

Inclusive and impartial participation

An online, identity-free space allows all voices to be heard without bias so differences in opinion or communication style won’t limit the team’s best thinking.

Adaptive and predictive third-generation AI

Leveraging the latest neuroscience, our AI learns patterns in a team’s language and presents outcomes with the highest likelihood of success based on their responses.

Agile and versatile application

Easy to use for a variety of team projects and business processes—any group of people that needs to work together can utilize the platform to ensure their success.

Seeing isbelieving.

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