CrowdSmart uses collaborative AI to uncover what customers really think. Then quickly synthesizes and prioritizes for clear, confident action.

How can you truly get into the mind of your customer?

Surveys and focus groups are a thing of the past.


They can’t keep pace with constantly shifting consumer preferences.


They can’t help you make sense of the mass of data they collect.


They can’t provide the insights you need at the speed you need them.

Our AI automatically facilitates
conversations with groups of any size.

Analyzes what they say in real time.

And quantifies the results so you can take action confidently.

One platform. Many uses.


Surface what’s important to citizens and help them create solutions together.


Keep employees connected by staying connected with them.


Surface what’s important to citizens and help them co-create solutions.

How does CrowdSmart work?

Generative collaboration

AI-facilitated collaboration allows people to share ideas and vote on them.

Real-time responsiveness

Preference ranking based on collective consensus provides immediate, ongoing feedback.

AI-powered awareness

Advanced algorithms and AI analyze data, identify patterns, and provide valuable insights.

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Planning your next getaway?
Is Airbnb in your travel playbook?

Participating in a CrowdSmart session is simple

  1. Share your ideas one by one, like “Airbnb is less expensive” or “Airbnb has more privacy”.
  2. Pick the top ideas that appeal to you and rank them in importance from top to bottom.
  3. Hit “Go to Activity” after ranking to unveil everyone’s real-time results.

Who uses CrowdSmart?

Global Healing

Used CrowdSmart to gain customer insights, resulting in the development of targeted marketing campaigns that led to improved engagement and higher conversions.

Ralston Family Farms​

Leveraged CrowdSmart to understand consumer values, enabling the optimization of marketing strategies for increased satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Dairy Management Group​

Used CrowdSmart to analyze consumer preferences and behaviors, leading to the identification of new product opportunities and improved marketing strategies that resulted in significant sales growth.

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