Using AI to Generate the Best Ideas for Continuous Improvement - Friday, Jan 5th, 9AM PDT


AI for Market Research

Bogged Down by Market Research, Ineffective Tech and Data Overload?

Learn about CrowdSmart’s AI Market Research Revolution.

Experience how CrowdSmart’s patented AI technology redefines market research, tackling overwhelming data and ever-evolving consumer preferences. Join us to explore how our innovative approach streamlines data collection, interprets customer behavior, and aids strategic decision-making for businesses to stay ahead in dynamic markets. 

What You’ll Learn by Attending the Webinar: 

  • Understand the Power and Speed of AI in Market Research
  • Employ AI to Capture and Prioritize Insights for Transformational Outcomes
  • Identify Customer Preferences and Trends for Strategic Decision-making
  • Gain real-time Insights, Alignment, and Collective Intelligence Results

Friday, December 1st, 2023
12pm EDT (9am PDT)

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Speaker Spotlight

Michael Kirschner, CEO, CrowdSmart AI

Michael Kirschner, CEO of CrowdSmart AI, is known for his transformative expertise in product/market fit and driving go-to-market strategies. With a notable 12-year tenure at Salesforce, leading customer success during hyper growth, his multifaceted skills position him as a leading authority at reshaping research methodologies at CrowdSmart, offering unparalleled insights into market innovation.

Tom Kehler, Co-Founder, Chief Scientist

Tom Kehler, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, is a distinguished pioneer in AI and Collective Intelligence showcasing a remarkable track record as a serial entrepreneur and former CEO of successful IPO ventures. His invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of AI and Collective Intelligence make his participation in our upcoming webinar essential for those eager to dive deeper into this dynamic field.

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