Using AI to Generate the Best Ideas for Continuous Improvement - Friday, Jan 5th, 9AM PDT


Surface what’s important to citizens and help them co-create solutions.

Collaborative AI for Civic Transformation

See how CrowdSmart’s AI helps people co-create transformative solutions for any social or civic issue.

Communities engage as many people and perspectives as desired in a collective discourse that helps them identify common ground and prioritize solutions together

The AI acts as an intelligent facilitator, “listening” to the conversation, learning what’s important to the group and identifying points of alignment while also continually seeking outlier ideas.

The AI Facilitator guides the conversation, optimizing for diversity of thought and ensuring all ideas are given equal consideration.

As the group ideates, the AI Facilitator identifies the most strongly supported ideas and generates prioritized actions, with a prediction of what will work best.

In parallel, a model of the group’s collective thinking is generated, preserving the reasoning behind their priorities.

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