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Strengthening Communities

Community Empowerment in Cincinnati

Our community's transformation journey has been truly remarkable. By uniting our collective wisdom and experiences, we've made our city safer and more resilient.



Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a leading healthcare institution.


The city of Cincinnati faced a surge in youth violence, particularly in economically depressed areas, and needed to develop effective solutions by bringing together diverse stakeholders.


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital orchestrated a community-wide transformation effort, involving doctors, mental health specialists, police, community leaders, and most importantly, citizens residing in the most affected areas.


This collaborative approach united a broad spectrum of expertise and experiences, empowering the community to collectively brainstorm, refine, and implement solutions to combat youth violence.


Cincinnati witnessed a transformative change as these diverse stakeholders worked hand-in-hand, ultimately mitigating the surge in youth violence and fostering a safer and more vibrant community.

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