Co-creation in politics can solve several problems

1. Lack of representation: CrowdSmart allows for greater participation and input from a diverse group of individuals, ensuring that all voices are heard and considered. This can help to address issues of under-representation or marginalization within the political process.

2. Limited perspectives: CrowdSmart allows for the inclusion of different perspectives and experiences, which can help to address narrow or biased viewpoints within decision-making processes.

3. Polarization: By fostering collaboration and dialogue, CrowdSmart can help to bridge divides and reduce polarization within politics.

4. Decision-making: CrowdSmart can lead to more effective and efficient decision-making, as it allows for the inclusion of diverse perspectives and experiences, which can lead to more informed and well-rounded decisions.

5. Public trust: CrowdSmart can help to build trust in the political process by demonstrating that the government is responsive to the needs and concerns of citizens.