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Strategic Planning

Alera Group Achieves Revenue Growth with AI-Powered Collaboration
Alera’s leadership team utilized CrowdSmart AI to develop actionable strategies to ensure revenue growth in the coming year.

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Strategic Risk Assessment and Mitigation 

The strategic use of CrowdSmart led to more effective risk assessment and mitigation, resulting in increased project success and client satisfaction.

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Civic Transformation

Civic Transformation for Community Empowerment in Cincinnati
Cincinnati witnessed a transformative change as these diverse stakeholders worked hand-in-hand, ultimately mitigating the surge in youth violence and fostering a safer and more vibrant community.

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NATO Embraces Decentralized Decision-Making with Member Nations’ Collaboration
NATO achieved improved decision protocols, enhancing their ability to respond flexibly, appropriately, and accurately.

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Designing and Refining New Products and Services

Transformative Customer-Centric Brand Messaging Evolution
CrowdSmart AI was used to affirm brand messaging aligned authentically with customer sentiments, intensifying audience connection and brand loyalty.

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Innovative Discovery: Gamers’ Choice in Flavorful String Cheese
Insights revealed an appealing string cheese concept, emphasizing the need for product design improvements to meet the needs of a new target audience.

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Employee Engagement

Alera Group Fosters Employee Engagement through Co-Creation
Alera Group’s employee engagement initiative not only defined the new position but also fostered a sense of ownership and collaboration, leading to more effective and motivated teams.

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