CrowdSmart brings people and AI together to co-create solutions to any challenge

“With CrowdSmart, I was able to get 10x the value
for a fraction of the effort.”
– Director, major insurance services company

What is co-creation with CrowdSmart?

CrowdSmart co-creation is a new type of AI that guides groups of people to collectively design successful products, strategies and plans.
AI acts as an expert facilitator in an online discussion, guiding groups of any size to surface fresh insights and refine diverse points of view into uniquely accurate recommendations for decision makers.
CrowdSmart inspires and increases engagement with colleagues and customers, reduces errors caused by bias, and provides easily understood results any team leader can put into action with confidence.

What our customers are saying

Working with CrowdSmart’s generative development process was a game changer. The AI’s ability to co-create new products with our team resulted in innovative solutions that we never would have come up with on our own. We highly recommend Crowdsmart for any company looking to improve its product development process quickly and better predict success.

CrowdSmart has been an invaluable tool for our city planners to easily gather input from under-represented groups, who would have otherwise been difficult to reach, which made our process more inclusive and accurate, and build consensus. We highly recommend CrowdSmart to any city looking to involve its citizens in the planning process.

CrowdSmart has been a valuable asset for our energy company. By involving our customers in the product development process, we have been able to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring that our products and services meet their needs. Another side benefit is that CrowdSmart helped us reduce costs by involving customers in the co-creation process.

CrowdSmart enables co‑creation, at scale.

Our patented AI guides co-creation for your team, your organization, your customers.

What makes CrowdSmart different?

AI helps groups collectively refine their ideas into prioritized results for greatest impact.

Powerful yet simple to use. Anyone can launch CrowdSmart in minutes and get real-time results.

Scored recommendations identify the most likely paths to success.

Our artificial intelligence works with people to co-create fresh solutions
you won’t discover through surveys or voting.

Move beyond passive listening to AI-Guided Problem Solving with CrowdSmart.

Undeniable impact

What happens to an organization on CrowdSmart.


Faster time-to-strategy, with clear alignment and at scale


Higher levels of engagement among stakeholders


Faster time-to-market for new products and services

CrowdSmart adds a decision layer to the DAO stack.

We enable the decentralized way of getting things done.

CrowdSmart integrates with the tools you love to use

It’s difficult to collaborate on large Zoom calls.

CrowdSmart Lite is a free Zoom App that ensures every person and their ideas are equally considered, inspires fresh creative thinking, and identifies top priorities for recommended solutions.

CrowdSmart Lite launches in minutes, works with groups of any size, and provides accurate, predictive results so you can move forward together, faster.

CrowdSmart’s Discord bot brings focused problem solving and decision making to communities and DAOs.

Members of any community on Discord can quickly and easily engage and inspire each other and refine their diverse opinions into clear, ranked results for consideration by community leaders or presentation to stakeholders for voting.

Coming Soon

AI-powered templates

Get started quickly with proven frameworks created, refined, and shared within the CrowdSmart community.

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