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The power to transform your entire organization.

Harness the collective knowledge of your customers, employees, and stakeholders.

“Using CrowdSmart, we quickly engaged our community to determine which initiatives to focus on with our limited resources. CrowdSmart’s AI led to new ideas and surprising alignment. This was so much faster and easier than other ways we could have engaged our community. In addition, the results are immediately actionable!

– President, Transition Town Media

The urgent need for meaningful engagement

“Employees who are not engaged … cost the world $8.8 trillion in lost productivity.”

– Gallup State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report

“In the United States, it [customer satisfaction] is now at its lowest level in nearly two decades.”

– Harvard Business Review

“Traditional approaches … are not sufficient to solve the interconnected and complex problems that cities face.”

– UNDP Community Listening Guide

Introducing CrowdSmart

CrowdSmart is a SaaS collaboration platform powered by patented AI that capitalizes collective intelligence to align and accelerate transformation. 

CrowdSmart AI automates facilitation with dynamic learning and real-time reporting. It is easy to deploy, easy to use, and  grows organically within organizations.

CrowdSmart efficiently and effectively drives employee productivity, community engagement and customer satisfaction

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Collective intelligence refers to the capacity of groups or communities of individuals to collaboratively solve problems, make decisions, or generate new knowledge and insights.

This concept highlights the idea that a group of individuals working together can achieve outcomes that are beyond the capabilities of any individual member of the group on their own.

The focus group - at scale.

Focus groups allow participants to hear from one another and build upon one another’s ideas and opinions. Unfortunately, they are expensive and limited in scale. Until now. CrowdSmart AI facilitates groups numbering in the thousands at a fraction of the cost.

Survey says...surveys come up short.

Surveys seek to validate preconceived ideas in isolation, at a single moment in time. CrowdSmart AI facilitates ongoing interpersonal interaction within groups to discover and explore new and novel ideas, and allows for all voices to be heard.

Continuous refinement. Actionable data.

Unlike traditional campaigns, CrowdSmart AI isn’t a “one-and-done” encounter. Our intelligent solution is persistent, supporting multiple, ongoing conversations and providing you with conclusive data while building a lasting relationship with your community.

The Smart solution for any Crowd.

Employee Productivity

Generate alignment on strategic priorities for improvement and development.

Empower your team, enrich collaboration, and synchronize your entire organization. 

Customer Satisfaction

Surface what’s important to your audience and craft optimized products and services – together.

Validate your message and forecast market evolution with qualified and quantified confidence.

Community Engagement

Engage many people and perspectives in a collective discourse that identifies common ground and prioritizes solutions.

Solicit new ideas, ensuring diversity of people and experiences are given equal consideration.

How does CrowdSmart work?

Generative collaboration

AI-facilitated collaboration allows people to share ideas and vote on them.

Real-time responsiveness

Preference ranking based on collective consensus provides immediate, ongoing feedback.

AI-powered awareness

Advanced algorithms and AI analyze data, identify patterns, and provide valuable insights. Not only are the most popular ideas identified, but also the most important.  

The best AI is neither seen nor heard.

CrowdSmart AI serves as an unobtrusive, unbiased facilitator tasked with listening to everyone in a discussion, interpreting natural language responses, and identifying themes as they emerge, as well as the ideas that are most likely to be successful.

Unlike social platforms, participants can have confidence that all voices are being heard, while you receive qualified and quantified data – without having to sort through irrelevant content. 

CrowdSmart in Action

A $1B Insurance Group

Strategic planning on corporate, employee and customer initiatives

A Global Nonprofit in 50 Countries

Engaged broader community on ideas and priorities for chapter initiatives

A Global Intergovernmental Military Alliance

Aligning on gender equality initiatives and leadership strategies

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