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Spurring Innovation with Web3 Technologies

A recent ZD/Net post citing ARK’s Invest research predicts an exponential business growth rate of 40 percent this year, thanks to five innovation platforms. The key disruptive innovation platform, according to the research, is artificial intelligence, or AI.

Not only does AI enrich innovative research practices in high-technology fields from telecommunications to search engines and computing devices, AI technologies can also speed and scale solutions at levels “measureless to man.” (more…)

Co-Creating Telecom Innovations for Exponential Growth

The worldwide pandemic has made it clear how essential digital access is for work, health, education, entertainment, and communication. In addition, new customer interfaces for communication such as ChatGPT have changed the very nature of human communication. And that’s why the time is ripe for telecom companies to innovate their services and seize the opportunities for exponential growth.

Innovative opportunities for telecom companies are rife in the growing population of baby boomers and seniors as well as expanding services to close the digital divide and create digital equity. And, of course, customer service could benefit significantly from the inclusion of ChatGPT and other AI bot technologies. (more…)

Innovate Now with Advanced AI

During his recent quarterly earnings report, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella declared that Microsoft was turning “the world’s most advanced AI models into a new computing platform.” Referring to how advanced AI such as ChatGPT is going to change everything, he later declared, “It’s a new day in search.”

If your company is searching for new ways to innovate its products and services with advanced AI, why not deploy advanced AI as part of the process? (more…)

Creating Wise Crowds

Scott Page is a professor of complex systems, political science, and economics at the University of Michigan, and is known for his research on the power of diversity in decision-making. In his lecture “Creating Wise Crowds,” Page explores how we can harness the power of diversity to create smarter, more effective crowds, and offers insights into how we can apply these principles to real-world situations.

Executive Insights

Integrating human co-creation and generative AI

We are at the dawn of a new era with Generative AI yielding applications like ChatGPT, Mid-Journey, and many more to follow. The potential impact is immense but there is also significant danger. Public discourse, already reeling from the political impact of fake news, now faces a new challenge: Do large language models create an even more significant threat to the amplification of misinformation threatening all our institutions? How do we know what is true?
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