Using AI to Generate the Best Ideas for Continuous Improvement - Friday, Jan 5th, 9AM PDT


Using AI to Generate the Best Ideas for Continuous Improvement

Explore CrowdSmart, an innovative platform revolutionizing continuous improvement through AI-driven ideation. Witness how Collaborative AI uncovers the most impactful ideas, aligns stakeholders, and fosters transformative improvement.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Uncover the challenges in sifting through diverse ideas and opinions for continuous improvement strategies.
  • Witness the power of Collaborative AI in engaging stakeholders, predicting success, and persistently collaborating for alignment.
  • Understand how CrowdSmart quantifies, prioritizes, and aligns ideas, enhancing customer and employee experiences.
  • Discover tools within CrowdSmart for strategic planning, initiative prioritization, and feedback alignment.
  • Experience how AI-driven decision-making empowers teams, fostering organizational success and transformative improvements.

Friday, January 5th
12pm EDT (9am PDT)

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Speaker Spotlight

Michael Kirschner, CEO, CrowdSmart AI

Michael Kirschner, CEO of CrowdSmart AI, is known for his transformative expertise in product/market fit and driving go-to-market strategies. With a notable 12-year tenure at Salesforce, leading customer success during hyper growth, his multifaceted skills position him as a leading authority at reshaping research methodologies at CrowdSmart, offering unparalleled insights into market innovation.

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