CrowdSmart for Web3 Communities and DAOs

Governance solutions for growth

Bring people and AI together to co-create and manage proposals that lead to highly effective decisions.

CrowdSmart inspires creative thinking, balances discussions and builds alignment at scale—supporting more growth with less effort.

Without CrowdSmart, we have no shot at efficiently scaling our efforts. The future is in harnessing the knowledge of our community to develop powerful solutions for the greater good. 

CrowdSmart makes that possible.

Paul Kent, founder and CEO
(dis)ABLED Life Alliance

Humans + AI work together to create inclusive proposals

Build engagement with 10X less time and effort​

Launch a CrowdSmart proposal in Discord in under 10 minutes

  • Guided process encourages open online contribution over days or weeks
  • Proactively uplifts quiet perspectives to balance with outspoken contributors
  • Champions diverse points of view for more inclusive discussions and highly effective decisions

Real-time results reveal proposal traction

  • Identifies important themes in the discussion
  • Relevant ideas are continuously stack ranked based on broad member feedback
  • Opportunities to recognize top contributors and their ideas based on their peer-reviewed impact on the discussion
  • Continuously prioritizes top 5 results for voting or further action

Transparent and scalable purpose-built platform

  • Automatically notifies and invites members in Discord
  • Curates and recommends relevant posts from past discussions
  • Option to include relevant insights from the Web via LLMs
  • Every point of view reviewed a minimum of 20X by other members
  • AI + humans quickly prioritize the most relevant ideas for voting
  • Increases engagement and representation as you scale

Third generation AI, proven predictive and effective

  • Builds a model of the collective mind around each proposal
  • Humans + AI learn together to improve over time
  • Scales easily to hundreds of thousands of members
  • Open architecture and robust API for fast and easy integration
  • 10X faster to launch, participate and move forward together

We work with Web3

How CrowdSmart can help DAOs do what they do. Better.

Engaging citizens to co-create community initiatives

Communities, cities, and countries are using DAOs to improve the lives of citizens by involving them in creating the decisions that affect them—from safe street design to policing policies to issuing their own currency.

The result is transparent and equitable engagement, allowing even the quietest voices to be heard. Unlike surveys or polls, CrowdSmart intelligently surfaces solutions to problems that affect everyone. It marries the collective intelligence of your civic DAO with the artificial intelligence of CrowdSmart—a cloud service that enables the mutual sharing and building on ideas, then refines and aligns on the solutions most likely to benefit the entire community.

Whether your community wants to establish safe routes to school, build new low-income housing, or issue its own currency, CrowdSmart leads to unexpectedly brilliant solutions in minutes or hours that you can act on immediately. Simply by engaging the members of your DAO.

Empowering women-led DAOs

Women populate more than half the world yet control less than 30 percent of the world’s capital. They participate less in DAOs, even when the DAO is led by women and designed to level the playing field and bypass unfair legacy systems.

To drive greater participation in women-led DAOs, we need a process that ensures all members have an equal opportunity to participate and influence its direction. The process must be transparent, equitable, and driven by consensus.

CrowdSmart enables this process. Easy to implement, it scales effortlessly to engage hundreds of thousands of DAO members. CrowdSmart’s proprietary AI leverages the wisdom of the crowd to achieve consensus quickly on key decisions. Only CrowdSmart engages members anonymously, so bias doesn’t interfere while sharing ideas, knowledge, and insight. CrowdSmart AI quickly refines and aligns the resulting threads of thought, leading to decisions that empower women and other marginalized members of our communities.

Expediting decisions for Web3 developers

Determining which Web3 projects are likely to succeed can be a gamble for a DAO, especially when its members have diverse experiences and conflicting opinions. Organizing developers to make the best decisions about granting funds to Web3 projects can often feel like herding cats.

Surveys and polls allow for yes/no responses, but we need a way to access the deep thinking of your DAO members and come up with ideas based on reasoning—collective intelligence—through a process that’s faster, transparent, and able to deliver predictive answers to grant decisions.

CrowdSmart engages your DAO members so they can share and build on each other’s input asynchronously and anonymously, ensuring no bias and high transparency. CrowdSmart’s AI then refines and aligns the best ideas from your community surface the best bets for dynamically growing the decentralized web.

Workers of the world unite...with DAOs

From medieval guilds to unions to DAOs, workers have always needed to organize to improve pay and working conditions. Given the global reach of DAOs, how can workers with different skills from various cultures find common goals regarding pay, benefits, standards, and working conditions?

DAOs could fill the gap left by unions but they have to unify the needs and demands of diverse members in a way that provides the greatest benefits to all. One solution is to unite the collective human intelligence of a worker DAO with artificial intelligence to include everyone’s ideas, opinions and knowledge in a transparent, equitable way.

CrowdSmart actively engages DAO members with pertinent questions and helps members respond to each other’s insights, opinions, and knowledge in a transparent, anonymous way that eliminates bias. Our patented AI then refines and aligns the solutions that provide the most benefit to all your DAO workers. This approach truly unites workers because, for the first time, the best solutions are coming from the bottom up.