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During his recent quarterly earnings report, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella declared that Microsoft was turning “the world’s most advanced AI models into a new computing platform.” Referring to how advanced AI such as ChatGPT is going to change everything, he later declared, “It’s a new day in search.”

If your company is searching for new ways to innovate its products and services with advanced AI, why not deploy advanced AI as part of the process?

That’s the idea behind CrowdSmart AI, an SOCII-compliant cloud service that enables any team to quickly engage and reason to co-create solutions to business challenges. CrowdSmart’s patented human-interactive AI helps groups share and refine their intelligence using curated insights from channels and the Web to generate trusted and predictive strategies, plans, and decisions.

In addition, CrowdSmart AI integrates easily with popular, team-based business applications, transforming any group of people into powerful co-creators in Web3 ventures, public-benefit DAOs and IRL communities across companies, non-profits, and public agencies.

Whether your research team is focused on digital infrastructure, computer hardware, or moonshot projects, streaming a CrowdSmart session can quickly surface the breakthrough insights of your team using its patented version of next-generation AI.
At its core, CrowdSmart is an operating system for innovation-driven collaboration, co-creation, and decision-making, at the forefront of a new Web3 era of humans and AI bots reasoning together.

CrowdSmart’s technology solution incorporates scalability, speed, ease of use, and immersive engagement through its virtual workshop process. The deliverables – available in hour or days — include actionable plans for innovation in all business operations, whether for product design, work policies, or customer marketing.

CrowdSmart works this way: it enables any business leader to create asynchronous virtual workshops to capture and refine the insights of people around them – tapping into any combination of employees, customers, and partners. Behind the scenes, CrowdSmart’s advanced AI software facilitates an anonymous interplay of ideas at scale and generates ‘qual-to-quant’ transformations of many diverse opinions into clear, predictive data.

Unlike surveys or general collaboration tools, CrowdSmart’s AI engages participants in active co-creation and alignment toward a goal. It intentionally challenges individual ideas through relevance ranking while it sparks everyone’s imagination to contribute new insights. The AI software continuously tests similar and contrarian views as it builds alignment across the group. This new ‘co-creation and alignment’ process dramatically increases the probability of buy-in to your decision, product, or plan.

It also improves the knowledge flow across your research team while engaging and strengthening the ties among your stakeholders, who can openly share their innovative insights on an anonymous basis without any bias reflecting their identity.

As a business leader, try innovating your decision-making process with CrowdSmart’s advanced AI and uncover critical innovations to drive your company ahead.

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