Co-Creating Telecom Innovations for Exponential Growth

The worldwide pandemic has made it clear how essential digital access is for work, health, education, entertainment, and communication. In addition, new customer interfaces for communication such as ChatGPT have changed the very nature of human communication. And that’s why the time is ripe for telecom companies to innovate their services and seize the opportunities for exponential growth.

Innovative opportunities for telecom companies are rife in the growing population of baby boomers and seniors as well as expanding services to close the digital divide and create digital equity. And, of course, customer service could benefit significantly from the inclusion of ChatGPT and other AI bot technologies.

Today, there is a direct way to jumpstart these kinds of innovative solutions to grow your business market in telecommunications.

Delivered as a SOC II-compliant cloud service, CrowdSmart AI enables any team to quickly engage and reason to co-create solutions to business challenges. CrowdSmart’s patented human-interactive AI helps groups share and refine their intelligence using curated insights from channels and the Web to generate trusted and predictive strategies, plans, and decisions.

In addition, CrowdSmart AI integrates easily with popular, team-based business applications, transforming any group of people into powerful co-creators in Web3 ventures, public-benefit DAOs and IRL communities across companies, non-profits, and public agencies.

Whether it’s 100,000 telecom users in Independence, Missouri, or 1.6 million in Phoenix, Arizona, CrowdSmart can scale to accommodate any number of contributors, while in the process generating conversations and delivering insights that can drive innovative as well as targeted approaches to solving complex problems, such as delivering telehealth services to the disabled community; setting up digital access centers in low-income areas; or partnering with senior centers to train people in digital proficiency.

Not only can CrowdSmart scale, it’s fast, taking hours or days rather than weeks and months to deliver actionable plans. Both its speed and scale reduce the cost and time for making difficult decisions. As a streaming service, it’s easy to implement and even easier for human engagement. Because contributors are anonymous (but not to the administrators, who can identify influencers), bias is reduced, allowing for proprietary insights to emerge that accelerate competitive advantage and deepen institutional knowledge.

A major bonus for telecom companies: the results of any CrowdSmart discussion can be accessed later to build team alignment and help move forward together. For more ways to start the innovations flowing and the revenues growing, check out

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