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A recent ZD/Net post citing ARK’s Invest research predicts an exponential business growth rate of 40 percent this year, thanks to five innovation platforms. The key disruptive innovation platform, according to the research, is artificial intelligence, or AI.

Not only does AI enrich innovative research practices in high-technology fields from telecommunications to search engines and computing devices, AI technologies can also speed and scale solutions at levels “measureless to man.”

And another key to creating winning technological innovations is human intelligence. Without human input, AI is capable of yielding Frankensteins instead of Einsteins.

CrowdSmart’s patented human-interactive AI helps groups share and refine their intelligence using curated insights from channels and the Web to generate trusted, innovative, and predictive strategies, plans, and decisions.

In addition, delivered as a SOC II-compliant cloud service, CrowdSmart AI integrates easily with popular, team-based business applications, transforming any group of people into powerful co-creators in Web3 ventures, public-benefit DAOs and IRL communities

To accomplish this feat, CrowdSmart technology amplifies the collective human intelligence across your research team and customers by leveraging patented generative AI to harvest and align your team’s most innovative ideas to advance research leading to pioneering services and products.

Here’s how it works

While most AI programs are difficult to use, CrowdSmart is easily deployed on demand by any team leader to unearth new innovative strategies. CrowdSmart’s templates are configured to support any topic and then creates a virtual workshop where an exchange of ideas can take place.

Combining natural language processing and patented AI software, CrowdSmart quickly discovers key innovative insights and knowledge from your selected group – whether composed of 10 or even 100,000 participants. Participants respond on an anonymous basis, reducing bias so opinions are shared more openly.

Next, CrowdSmart’s patented AI acts as a group facilitator in your virtual workshop, engaging participants with the ideas others have cited as most relevant. The technology then refines and aligns key ideas regarding innovation, allowing leaders to gain an understanding of what is important. It also helps team leaders identify top influencers (although participants remain anonymous to each other). Because CrowdSmart’s AI builds alignment, decision makers can move forward together with team and customer support.

Whether you want to radically reinvent a new communications interface or create a moonshot technology to reverse the effects of global climate change, a CrowdSmart session is sure to help your research team create innovative solutions that will put you far ahead of the competition.

Check out CrowdSmart.ai to accelerate the pace and quality of your innovation research and development.

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